How to search and replace files within a folder or directoy in textwrangler

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How do you search and replace text from within a bunch of file or within a folder in Textwrangler.

I started out looking for norm find and replace in the fit menu, I soon found out that "Find" is located in the menu under the "Search" menu (makes sense). Believe it or not I initially tried the normal search and tried to find a way to make t work on a group of files or on all the files in a folder.

I couldn't find the option. Eventually I saw there is a separate option which allows you to search inside of all the files in a directory or even an entire disk. It was so simple:

Search>Multi-file Search (it's right under the Find option in the search menu). Heres a screenshot.

Text wrangler multi file search dialogue  screenshot

I hope that saves you some time. Once you know where the multi-file search is all you need to know is click the "other" button to choose to folder you wan to search through.