How to change the avatar, user icon, gravitar on your Gavick Pro #Joomla template.

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This one had me scratching my head, but it shouldn’t have: How do I change the user icon on a Gavick pro template?

How to change the avatar, user icon, gravitar on your Gavick Pro template.

The answer is easy, except you need to know that your Gavick Pro Joomla templates often show TWO different icons in different places which will both appear as a default blue and white sideways "g" until you change them. Depending on how your template is set up you may need to configure them both. Heres how:

The two icons that the Gavick pro templates show are both Gravitar icons and all you need to do is head on over to and register the associated email address for the icons and your template to correctly show them (as your online avatar/gravitar). But be aware there are normaly two places where the gravitar is used.

1) The template icon. Actually it’s not really an icon, it an Avatar. A picture representing you online. For some Gavick pro templates (like "writer"), the template uses a site-wide avatar based on the email set up in the joomla template settings. Changing it is as easy as going to and registering with the same email which you put into the template settings of your Gavick Joomla template. The setting for this can be found in the Joomla backend under template manager and then the name of your template.

2) User avatar/icon. Gavick pro Joomla templates also often use Gravatar icons on Joomla articles to show who the user is. Again the process of putting your own picture/icon/avitar in the Joomla articles is simple. Log into your Joomla backend and click on the user manager. Find the user for which you want to change the icon/aviatar and then make sure that the email address associated with that user/writer is registered at with the image you want to appear uploaded. You may have to ask the user to do it themselves.