Why is Facebook App suddenly not playing sound on my Iphone or iPad and how do I get sound back?

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You tapped on a video on your Facebook feed and the video doesn’t have any sound? Right? I immediately thought this was a bug and that Facebook would fix the error soon and I would get sound back, but nope, even though I have auto updates on and Facebook was up to date, after a few weeks there was still no sound on videos in the Facebook app on my iPhone. Other apps and youtube videos on Safari were fine. Here's how to get sound back on Facebook videos:
Facebook App not playing sound on Videos iPhones and iPads

It may be that the lack of sound on Facebook videos is by design and is actually the device respecting your wishes. How? Because it's common to accidentally switch on the mute switch on the side of your iPad or iPhone then, even though you tap a video, it plays in Facebook muted.
So that’s the solution, just flick the switch on the side of your iDevice and get sound back on Facebook videos.

Note: Not all modern apple devices have a mute switch. What might be the problem is a glitch in the app. The solution would then be to:

  •     double tap the home button and slide the facebook app of the screen to force-quit it, restart and see if Facebook videos are still muted when you play them.
  •     hold your finger on the facebook app icon until it wiggles, then tap the (x) to remove it (and then reinstall it)

If your device doesn't have a mute switch and facebook videos are muted while playing, just make sure you aren't worried for no reason. This article was meant to help those who, after they tap on the video it don't hear any sound. These days Facebook has the videos muted on the main page (called the feed) so videos won't play with sound automatically. If you want to hear what's going on you have to click/tap the video.
In the case where you have accidentally turned on the mute, here is the mute switch for the iPhone: (may be a bit different depending on model)

muste switche iPhone 5 5s
Here is the mute switch for the iPad: (may be a bit different depending on model)
Mute switch iPad Air
It actually pretty good when you think about it. I mean, we spend so much time browsing our Facebook feed in places where large noises could be considered inappropriate and that’s what the mute switch is for right? So having the mute switch control the volume of videos you view on you Facebook feed does at least makes sense. Turns out it’s not a bug.