How to delete items from the QuickConnect button list in FileZilla

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OK. So you got Filezilla and you use quick connect. All good. One day you add a new server and you make a mistake, or maybe you just moved servers, or the details of your current version changed. Now you've got more entries in Filezillas quick connect than you wanted. So you want to delete some right? Ok here's how to do it.

Delete items from the QuickConnect button list in FileZilla


Firstly it important that you know that this question has been asked to the developers numerous times and the answer is always the same: "Use the bloody site manager". I understand you if you don't want to use the site manager, I didn't either, but in the end it only adds two clicks to the login process an works within the current Filezilla paradigm. The filezilla developer(s) have crated such an amazing tool I can't imagine life without it, so I decided to write an easy solution for cleaning up the quick connect button in Filezilla.

filezilla quickconnect button screenshot

You have two options:

Option1: Cleanup the QuickConnect history by editing a system file.

If you are happy editing a system file then the XML file for the  QuickConnect history is called recentservers.xml in the FileZilla config directory. Simply edit this file in a text editor to remove unwanted entries. Back it up first if you're not sure what to remove. I'm sure you'll work it out.

Location of the Filezilla QuickConnect history system file:

  • Windows 7,8 etc: %APPDATA%\FileZilla
  • Apple Mac OS X: ~/.filezilla
  • Linux: ~/.filezilla

Option 2: Cleanup the QuickConnect history by adding the entries you want to the Filezilla site manager.

  1. Start filezilla
  2. Use the quick connect button to connect to the first of the item you want too KEEP in the list (not an item you want to delete)
  3. After it has connected, click File>Copy current connection to Site Manger
  4. A dialogue will appear where you change the settings for that connection prior to saving. The only thing you need to do is give the connection a recognisable name and click "OK"

Repeat this process for each of the items in the quick connect button.

When you have finished, click the down arrow next to the quick connect button in Filezilla  and clear the contents.

If you really must use the quick connect button in Filezila you can easily just copy and pasted the Host, Username and Port from the SiteManager and put in your password to re-populate the Quickconnect button.

If not, every time you open Filezilla, to connect, just go to File>Site Manager and double click the connection you want.

Filezilla site manaqer dialogue