How to remove awesome screenshot plus Ads.

Published in IT Solutions

Did you just notice some ads appearing on webpages which have a line above them “ads by awesome screenshot plus” and they appear on almost every page you visit right? Now you need to know how to remove awesome screenshot plus Ads.

I noticed them first when I visited my own page and saw ads where they shouldn’t be. My first instinct was: is this some kind of virus? but because I’m on Apple Mac, so that was not likely.

I tried to think if it I could have been tricked into installing something and then I realized. Awesome screenshot plus was a Firefox add-on I had installed when trying to make a screenshot of an entry web page (Note, I now use a Mac app called: Pixa), so uninstalling these ads was going to be as easy as uninstalling “awesome screenshot plus”.

How to remove the adds from your browser which show “ads by awesome screenshot plus”:

  • Open firefox and click Tools>Addons
  • Click on the extensions tab
  • Find the extension “awesome screenshot plus”  and click the remove button on the right to remove it.

NOTE: Future version of Firefox might be slightly different, if so look up how to remove extensions for that version.

That’s it, you’re done.

You shouldn’t see those “ads by awesome screenshot plus”  ads on the websites you visit in the future.