What to do if Filezilla crashes and you need to download an older version.

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Filiezilla is a fantastic FTP program. I have been using it for years. My thanks goes out to the developer(s) for such a great product. Unfortunately it occasionally happens that bugs aren’t apparent until after an update is released. This might mean that until a more stable version replaces it, you might have to find an older version if the one you just installed crashes.
How to roll back Filezilla to an earlier version if the latesest version  you’ve installed crashes
Ok. You just downloaded filezilla and it now crashes whenever you make a file transfer (or something like that) right? Today I downloaded the latest Mac OS X version (FileZilla Client 3.9) and I it is constantly crashing (freezing) on OS X 10.9.4. I have to force quit it. Going to the filezilla website wasn’t immediately fruitful either, I really had to dig to fin the download pager for older versions of fileziller.
Here is how to roll Filezilla back:
Before you jump in and download an old version of filezilla to replace the one which is crashing, You should also know that there is an informative page talking about the latest stable build for Windows, Linux and OS X and also talks about the last stable releases for older systems like Windows XP.
Also if you are on Mac and have Time Machine turned on, there is an easy solution. Just open the folder where filezilla is installed and go back in time using time machine to a day when you had a stable version and copy somewhere to use it (over the top of the filezilla version that’s crashing)
So here are the resources you need to download and older version of filezilla:
Descriptions of Filezilla versions including the last stable one for each OS
Download old filezilla versions here (this is the link you are looking for).
Once you download the older version of fileziller just install it over the newer (unstable) version.