Save buttons don’t work after updating to #Joomla 3.3 (SOLVED)

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You just updated to Joomla 3.3 and you’ve notice that the save buttons in the module manager, extensions manager and article manager no longer work, right? Your immediate reaction: wtf? How could they allow a release which breaks the save buttons. They didn’t. Your Joomla 3.3 installation most probably works perfectly, all you need to do… is clear your browser cache and then log out of the backend and log back in.
Buttons don't work Joomla 3.3

Clear browser cache window firefox
Please let me know if this fixes your broken buttons in Joomla 3.3. If not, I suggest you access your Joomla administration backend in a another browser, if it works then maybe you didn’t clear the cache correctly in the first browser. In any case for most people, clearing the cache will get the buttons working again in Joomla 3.3