How to turn off and fix the drum light on a brother HL-2240D .

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On a Brother HL-2240D the drum light might light up even though the drum is still good. You will notice when the drum deteriorates because of the reduction in print quality. With the drum light illuminated on the Brother HL-2240D you won’t be able to print. Where is the fix/solution? Brother tech support showed me. 

It is important that you know this; It isn’t a software problem/solution so it works on OS X and windows XP,7,8 etc. 

The fix for the Drum light problem on a Brother HL-2240D is:

1) Turn off your brother HL-2240D.
2) Open the lid where you put in the toner.
3) Hold down the go button keep it held while you turn on your brother HL-2240D.
4 ) When the three lights light up, release the button and press the go button again until the ready light is lit.
5) release the button and press the go button again until all the lights are lit.
6) Close the lid.

The drum light will got out. You may need to restart your brother HL-2240D again before you can print.

Here is a video that may help:

This may also work on similar brother printers although I haven’t fully tested it. Models might include: