How to add noise to a 3D object in Cinema 4D to create more organic look:

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Ok, let me guess, you have a 3D object in Cinema 4D but it looks too clean and you and to make the flat surfaces more uneven to create an organic look right?
Ok I’ll assume you already know about Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion (in Render Settings>Effect) which are lighting effects that will make your images more natural and having natural shadows helps your 3D object look more organic in Cinema 4D
To achieve an organic look you can ‘mess up’ your 3D mesh a bit, here’s how:
Open Cinema 4D and Load your 3D object
Click the convert to mesh icon in Cinema 4D
Click Mesh>Commands> Subdivide if you want to add more complexity to your mesh. This will have the effect that when you do the next step, the roughing up of the mesh to achieve a more organic look will be finer. It will also increase your rendering time!
Now. To make you 3d object click the icon to select points and edit>select all (this will select all the points in your 3d object). Of course you can also select only the parts of you object you want to look organic.
Click Mesh>commands>set point value. You will see some option appear on the lower right of you screen for the set point value command. Under “All”, select Crumple (Normal) from the drop down menu and then change the value for x, y, and z to something small relative to you 3D object.
Experiment with the values until you object looks organic.
Note: There are other much better techniques for making things look organic without slowing rendering, high quality texturing with bump maps and displacement maps for example, but I put this here for people who simply want to add a bit of noise to the mesh so it looks a bit more organic just for one render. Hope it helps.
Here are some results:
Normal 3D Object:
More organic 3D Object: