Can I use the stock Photos I downloaded from Depositfotos on my business Facebook timeline/fan page?

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So you downloaded stock fotos from Depositfotos and want to know if you are allowed to share them in your Facebook timeline/fan page? 
The answer is YES, you can. I asked Depositfotos for confirmation on this and they explained that sharing it on the Facebook timeline or fan page of your business comes under the "online advertising use case" and is allowed.
You can see more about where you are allowed to use your depositfoto images on their license comparison page:
Here is the transcript of my chat session axing if I could share depositfotos stock on Facebook:
  • Hello Andrew. How may I help you?
  • Andrew:  Hi. Can I share and Image I downloaded from Depositfotos on Facebook?
  • Depositfotos: Kindly specify will it be a personal page or a business page?
  • Andrew:  Business page and the photos will always be altered in some way (usually text added)
  • Depositfotos: You can post the images on Facebook and since the images will be modified - the dimensions (height and width) can be any,
  • Andrew: ok
  • Depositfotos: Copyright is not required, since it is for a business page.
  • Andrew: I purchase the royalty free license and I know that this just means the (limited) right to use it. I just wanted to clarify.
  • Depositfotos: The royalty-free license enables you to use the image, however, the copyright is remained with the contributor. Once you download an image at Depositphotos, you can download it either under Standard or Extended license.
The Standard license terms enable you to use the images for many projects within unlimited time. Kindly take a look at:
  • Andrew: ok. But social media is not mentioned...
  • Depositfotos: The way you are going to use the images falls under advertising.
  • Andrew: Oh I see. ok. As I understand it. I can post the altered images on my website and it is also ok for me to share them on my business facebook page. Thanks!
NOTE: If you don’t want to take my word for it, just remember that Depositfotos home page also has live chat and you can ask them if you can use stock fotos on your business Facebook timeline/fan page by selecting the licensing department there.