Recover you password or access code on your router if you've forgotten it.

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Having trouble connecting your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone to a wifi network because the wifi password has been changed from the default? Here's how to hack in to get the password back and/or recover the password.
This guide was written for a Movistar Homestation router in Spain, but should help most people on Mac, PC iPad, iPhone or Android device.
How to recover you router password:
1) Find out the IP address of your default Gateway. This is the number you will use to connect your router. It is in most cases so try that (put the number into your browser URL) and if it doesn't work, then you can jump to the links for how to find your gateway ip below.
2) Open a browser on you PC, Mac or iOS device and click/tap to enter the url. Instead of a url, enter the ip address of your default gateway. Try  it should bring up a page allowing you to log in to your router. If it doesn't use the links below to check the ip address of your router below.
3) Login to your router. If you don't know the password, don't worry it is fairly easy to hack your way in. Try using the following administrator user names and passwords. Start with "admin" (without the quotes) and try every password. Then follow down the list of possible admin user names using password possibility in turn. Of course you can always search the internet for  "default username and password <my router>". (Default login for the Movistar Homestation was: User=admin, password=1234).
Possible admin usernames:
  • admin
  • administrator
  • user
  • root
Possible admin passwords:
  • 1234
  • admin
  • user
  • default
  • password
If you don't get in easily try looking for your password here:
Once you have your username and password you can login to your Admin area of your router on your PC, Mac or iOS.
This should allow you access to a graphic user interface which you can use to find you password and view it or reset it. Here is an example of this using the Movistar Homestation router in Spain.
Once into the admin area of your router, look a configuration screen. As you can see in this screenshot below, the configuration screen will allow you to view you password. Some routers may not allow you to view the password, they may only allow you to reset it, this is more secure. Obviously someone who anonymously want's to hijack your wifi won't want to reset your password because you will just reset it again when you find you are locked out. On the movistar homestation router the password is listed under clave (both "clave" and "contraseña" are Spanish for password).
Additional help:
How to do find your Default Gateway IP (the address of your router):