How to repeat an object along a path/spline Cinema 4D r14 or r13

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How to repeat an object along a path Cinema 4D r14 or r13
Duplicate objects along a path in Cinema 4D R14 (or r13). Thats what you are trying to do right? I bet you keep finding out of date instructions from when Cinema 4D had an older interface. Well you’re in luck here are the instructions for repeating an object along a path updated for Cinema 4D R14 and R13, I'm no expert but this solved it for me.
Its pretty easy in Cinema 4D R14 to  make an object repeat along a path because you can do it with fewer steps than before.
The old way Cinema 4D you had to duplicate the object and the arrange it on a spline. You can still do this, but you need to be pretty good at guessing how many objects you will need.
With R14, Cinema 4D will allow you to duplicate objects along a spline. This is one single action and you can easily edit the number of objects you are repeating to get the best result.
  • First, prepare a spline that you will use as the path to repeat the objects along. 
  • Select you object you wish to repeat along the spline
  • Use the Duplicate tool by clicking your object and then: Tools>arrange object>Duplicate


  • In the Duplicate option (lower right corner of the Cinema 4D window) you will see some tabs. Click “OPTIONS” and the where it says “<<Select mode>>, click and choose Along Spline from the pull down menu.
  • Duplicate-option-cinema4d.jpg
  • Now stage the spline from the object in the scene into the “Spline” space provided.
  • You will want to use the “DUPLICATE” tab to set how many instance of the object you want to repeat along the spline and then go to “TOOLS” to apply the duplication.
When you click apply, boom - Cinema 4D will repeat your objects along the spline/path. 
Here is a Platonic and a 2D spline:
Here it is repeated (with a reflective plane so it doesnt look boring):