How to optimize your Google adwords campaign on a tight budget:

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If you're on a tight budget with a new business you might try a bit of online advertising with something like Google adwords, but it can be hard to get the most bang for you buck. Try these tips in maximising your return on investment with Google Awords:

This article is for those who don't have a lot of money and you just want to start you business and build up momentum. You might already know htat in the beginning it might costs you more to make a sale than the sale is worth, but if your customer returns, you will profit druing the lifetime of the customer.

So here is how to maximize your profit potential by paying the least for the highest quality clicks. Disclaimer: I don't consider myself an expert so expect your results to vary.

I asume you know the basics of adwords and that you have (or Google has) set up an account with a campaign.

The first thing I recommend is to only use Google search if you are trying to sell a product or service. Yo probably aren't yet trying to build up brand awareness because the requires large exposure and is therefore expensive. If you are on a tight budget you would be better served only displaying ada alongside people search for exactly what you provide.

To optimize you campaign for a tight budget do the following:

1) Make sure you keywords match your customers EXACTLY.

What will your customers type in to Google search when looking for the products you sell?

Keywords: First, use only the keywords "buy DJ software" if you had a bigger budget you could affor a greaeter variet. But to maximiase you adwords spend make sure your keywords are exactly the same as you product. Delete any that a re more or less what you sell.

Ad text (in advertising we refer to it as the "body copy" or just body/copy): In the body of the ad, specify everything that will make it clear to the customer what you are selling. This should mirror the keywords you have used. If you are selling luxury bathtubs in Spain, put "compra baños de lujo" and maybe add a price emphasizing the luxury part so you the clicks you get are people prepared to pay for the product you sell and not those who would arrive at your site and say "ohhh, too expensive".

Important: Set all your keywords to "Exact match" if you are trying to squeeze the maximum amount of effectiveness from an adwords ad campaign on a very tight budget. Do not use bread match.

So. Make sure you ad talks to you customer. If you don't have a lot of money you must also answer questions with you had so you don't get wasted clicks.

2) Optimising your adwords bid

In adwords, Google rewards customers with higher bids with better placement. If you're on a tight budget you might not be able to afford a top position. Hey, but dont worry! Sure a better position puts you in front of more of your target market, but you will stil get in from of these people even if you land on the second results page which, if you don't have much more to spend might actually be a good thing, heres why:

Imagine you say you want to spend $10 a day and by midday, you budget is reached an Google stops running your ads. You should instead lower you bid and let the trickle of clicks take the whole day to fill you budget. Basically, if you spend everything by early afternoon, you are paying too much. It is true that even the time of day somebody is searching can change the likelihood that they are buying customers (depending on the product), but you can't do much about that so;

Lower you bid and keep making small changes to it until google reaches your budget over the course of the whole day. Remember: Budget spent too quickly = money wasted.


I hope if you follow these instructions you might be able to lower the bid cost by about 25% and improve the value of the clicks you get by making sure the right customers click on them. This is going to save you money and help you if you're on a tight budget.

(does that help James?)