How to make your customers land on the credit card page of Paypal.


Paypal is sneaky, they don't want people landing on the page which show you the credit cars because they want people to signup with paypal. The problem is this lowers you conversion rates because some people don't notice the option to pay without registering and abandon the purchase because they can't be bothered with such complicated process (or they simply don't like paypal).

The solution is to force paypal to show the landing page with all the credit card options by default:

It's easy. This method should work for all shopping carts like: oscommerce, opencart, redcart, virtuemart, megento, prestashop, virtuemart, zen cart etc All of these carts allow you edit the code which is executed when the user clicks "pay". This code will be html, you will need to find out for yourself where it is. I use Virtumart and the HTML for Paypal is located in the virtuemart control panel under payment methods (find paypal in the list, click the word "paypal" and then click "Configuration".

The code looks something like this: Paypal-landing-page-code.png

To change the landing page, all you have to do is paste this code into the middle of the Paypal code:

"allow_guest_checkout" => "true",
"landing_page" => "billing",

I am pretty sure only the second line is required, but this works for me and I haven't tested if deleting to first line defaults the user back to the Paypal registration screen or not. In any case this is how I force Paypal to show the credit card options first and it should work for you.

Note that the comma at the end IS important, if you don't copy and past the code as is, you will get errors. After installing this code, the next time anyone makes a purchase they will bee greeted with the credit card options as soon as they arrive at paypal.

Please add a comment if it works for you.