snapheal vs inpaint


snapheal vs inpaint

Here is a little review/comparison between two Mac apps available in the App Store: Inpaint and Snapheal.

Inpaint and Snapheal are small apps in the Mac app store used for removing unwanted people or objects from photos.

First let me say the the version of Inpaint I was using was a free version I probably downloaded during a promotional period. Upon check before this review, I see that there is now an App called Inpaint PRO that is no doubt a lot more mature than the little app I am using. So, because of this and because prices in the Mac App store change constantly, I'm not going to actually make a recommendation, don't worry, for me there was a clear winner but on any given day you will have to choose which one to spend your money on.

Best unwanted people/object removal: Inpaint.

Although Snapheal had three selectable options for the methods it used to fill in the space after removing unwanted objects, they all showed an element of repetition (like when the clone tool is used excessively in Photshop). Inpaint however did an great job at removing unwanted objects, there was some fuzzy artefacts left by Inpaint's cleaning process but it seamed to look more natural than snap heals sharper but "more cloned" look.

Here are some zoomed up examples. I'll admit that snapheal looks a bit better this close (because it was sharper), Inpaint overall did the better job, especially with large areas where snap heal started to look cloned:

original test image

Inpaint result

snapheal result


Best interface/user experience: Snapheal.

The Inpaint version I used really looked basic. Th app works well, sure, and I would not go so far as to say it was bad, perhaps "simple and effective" is accurate. Snapheal on the other has a nice user interface in keeping with other modern image editers. Fast keys were the same as Mac/Photoshop equivalents and it was very easy to use. Inpaint on the other hand didn't have a move tool and pressing the space key to reposition the view (as is normal on Mac) gave a distinctive (read annoying) "bwamp" sound. Keep in mind this was a free app and I'm sure the app has matured. Funnily enough, I would describe it this way: Inpaint behaved like it was built by windows developers and snap heal by Mac people.

Should you buy Snapheal or Inpaint?

Inpaint was impressive if a tad fuzzy. Currently in the App store the only version I see is called "Inpaint Pro" which is more expensive than Snapheal (at time of writing). Snapheal also comesup from time to time in promotional bundles (search "snap heal bundle", or signup for stacksocials newsletter) and so you can get it quite cheap. It does a a more than acceptable job and is nice to use.

At the end of the day Inpaint vs Snapheal is a matter of: "Better but a bit fuzzy" vs "Perhaps better value/nice to use/more options/sharper - sometime looks cloned".

I'll be using Inpaint for fast quality people/object removal, but I have to say, I'll use snapheal to keep Inpaint honest and compare the more important edits, it's nice to use and creates a sharp result with a verity of options to try.

The good thing is, you won't be unhappy with either one.