Swordsprite (My son) has a new #youtube video, this time #PVZGardenWarfare

by Andrew Brett Watson

He's at it again. Liano A.K.A "Swordsprite" has release his second youtube video. He loves PVZ Gardenwarfare and wanted to make an introductory video for all his friends. Please watch and like/subscribe if you feel so inclined, he realy does jump around for every new like/subscription he gets and really want's to make more PVZ Garden Warefare videos so you help really counts.


Funny comments about #Samsung theft in Brazil

by Andrew Brett Watson
I hate the morality of Samsung’s business tactics and although I still don’t applaud any kind of theft, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of Shadenfreude from the report that Robbers stole 40,000 Samsung phones and computers from a Brazil factory. Oh the irony.
What was acceptably funny though, were the comments at the end of the article, I lol’d:
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How coffee should be #Espresso

by Andrew Brett Watson
I come from a place where drinking coffee means drinking filtered coffee; i.e. coffee filtered through a paper filter into a big jar (of watery coffee). But now that I live in Spain I've learn't the best method for brewing a coffee is to make an Espresso. This morning, just making a coffee on coffee my break and you can see how the plastic stirring stick sits up in the coffee because it's so thick and creamy. It's a whole different experience from filtered coffee I've been brought up with. Of course you can also add milk or frothed milk to make a cappuccino...
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Funny error dialogue from Final Cut Pro #Apple

by Andrew Brett Watson
Ok. So I was playing with slowing down my 120fps slow-mo footage from the iPhone 5s in Final Cut Pro and I got an error dialogue while reviewing it. Apparently the best way to improve performance is to hide error dialogues? I lol'd.
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