Pic of a toilet seat decorated in #coffee beans, because, well... #whynot? #wtf

by Andrew Brett Watson

So, if you're in German at Baumarkt for just 19,99€ you can buy a toilet seat adorned with pictures of coffee beans. Now, I like coffee- a lot, but I don't think I would choose to have a toilet seat covered in coffee. It seams Baumarkt disagrees because they have plenty of stock. Either I'm misjudging the market for coffee covered toilet seats, or they´re optimistic.

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Nutcase video of guys/gals riding on motorbikes while standing up #insane

by Andrew Brett Watson

Where can I watch a nutcase video of guys/gals riding on motorbikes while standing up? Here I guess...

Ok. Standing on top of a motorbike instead of riding it looks cool, and it IS a well made video, but it's damn stupid. Yes you might get a few million youtube hits but you could just as easily get a free trip to heaven.

Sigh, I guess I'm just adding to the demand by sharing this, oh well, I can't deny that there is skill and guts involved.

If you want to watch people standing on motorbikes, here it is. Beautiful or stupid? You decide.

Must watch video of the day. For #geeks. A box of old floppy disk drives play Nirvana song; "Smells like teen Spirit".

by Andrew Brett Watson

I love tech, but I'm happy to move forward. I especially enjoyed the death of the floppy disk drive whos size and speed were never good enough, not to mention the anyoing noise it made.

When I say annoying, that was until I heared a bunch of floppy disks drives (and a few Hard drives) playing a Nirvana cover.

Yep. Here's "Smells like Teen Spirit" performed by 'the floppies':

(if you are a geek AND a grunge fan, does that mean to you, this would be (ahem) Nirvana?)

When the kids say "lets make a video" here is the resulting #homemovie

by Andrew Brett Watson

What happens when my Kids say "Daddy lets make a video"? This happens. My son likes playing war with his toy guns  (he also loves video games). He decided daddy was to be the monster. My daughter, well, she just loves to take part. So here is me as the "Alien Monster" against the last two rebel soldiers standing (his idea). It's on my sons youtube chanel (he calls himself swordsprite).

Funny thing happened while making the video. While I was being "shot" by the kids and my unprotected iPhone 5s jumped out of its mount and landed cm's away from the concrete (luckily on the grass). I used the footage of it looking up at the sky for the last shot, but I sure am glad it never landed on the concrete!

#Funny acustic effect when making a #coffee #cappuccino or #tea. Best thing is you can #tryitforyourself

by Andrew Brett Watson

I was making a cup of coffee and this happened. Ok, it's not the black/blue or white/gold dress photo (which, if you liked, you might want to read the definitive explanation about #thedress), but anyway I did think it was internet worthly, especially because you can try it for yourslef.

I'm pretty sure it would work with whatever hot drink you make (unless the thickness of the coffee has an effect - I haven't tried), so if you like funny silly weird phenomenon, check out this cool trick you can do at home with a cup of coffee:


What a wierd and amazing #watersport #Foilboarding

by Andrew Brett Watson

What is this? When did foilboarding happen? How did I not know about this? It looks like fun! If you've never seen foilboarding before, take a look. If I lived near a beach with big waves, foil-boarding might end up my next big obsession.


How the #lego movie was made (#youtube #video) - #everythingisawesome

by Andrew Brett Watson

Was the lego movie made with stop motion and real blocks? Of course not. Here is a video which shows how they made the lego movie:

I always wanted to do one of two things; Either make CG animated movies or work in the video game industry. I spent my life pushing hard to get a break that would allow me to do just that, but alas I never found my way in despite once having the opportunity to work for Electronic Arts (on contract). I just couldn't turn it into a full time job despite doing an excellent job.

Still, I never begrudge other peoples successes and the combination of simulated stop motion and realistic lego bricks makes the lego movie a masterpiece in my eyes.

If you are interested in how it was made, watch this video. The lego Movie was made by creating realistic bricks (complete with cracks or fingerprints as if they were really used), then building realistic lego worlds that you could actually build yourself (if you had enough lego bricks) and finally animating them in the only way you could off you were actually building them from real bricks; with stop motion (simulated using computer graphics).

By the way if you are interested in computer graphics, making a Lego movie like this is no easy feat. Building objects and rigging characters with movement is actually quite straight forward but making them move in steps which simulate stop motion and using worlds built entirely out of computer generated real bricks. Not so easy. Well done indeed.

How they made the lego movie:

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You haven't seen #Tetris until you've seen this Grand Master #youtube #wow

by Andrew Brett Watson

One thing that always made me a bad video game critic is that I love video games. All of ém. I find it hard to dislike any. Tetris is one of those games that may fail to impress a modern gamer who is spoilt for amazing graphics as well as challenging gameplay, but Tetris is not just for the retro enthusiast. For me there is no distinction between games of differing complexity. Sure there are simple games but that doesn't mean they're not fun. Like Tetris, although Tetris has an easy to grasp concept, it's far from an easy game. If anyone ever suggests Tetris is simplistic or not challenging enough, let them have a look at this must see master playing Tetris with invisible blocks. Yep that's right; Invisible.