Epic Physic's experiements gifs and mp4's that will BLOW ur MIND! #science #physics

by Andrew Brett Watson

Read more: Epic Physic's experiements gifs and mp4's that will BLOW ur MIND! #science #physics

I love science. There is something amazing about having an understanding of the principal forces at work in the universe. I don't profess to be particularly knowledgeable when it comes to science or physics, but I still love the subject.

Sometimes the absolute best moments in science are when a physics experiment is caught on video perfectly setup and perfectly timed.

Read more: Epic Physic's experiements gifs and mp4's that will BLOW ur MIND! #science #physics

Moving on from #Minecraft - Alternatives to Minecraft for Children.

by Andrew Brett Watson

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Moving on from Minecraft - Alternatives to Minecraft for Children.

Which Video Games can I use to ease my child out of Minecraft and into something more mature?

Although your child might never stop playing Minecraft (I'm not!) she/he will invariably crave variety and start to look for other games to play. You know where I'm going… eventually, they are gonna wanna shoot stuff (and have more advanced gameplay than Minecraft provides).

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Luxury Furniture company and premier Interior designers in Marbella.

by Andrew Brett Watson

Marbella Spain is a rich tapestry of people and culture. In some places immigrants from all over the world almost outnumber local Spanish residents. It's a real mix. I love it. It’s a great city. I’m impressed that local Spanish people don't seem to begrudge immigrants or tourists, well.., I've never even seen so much as a gripe. I’ve been living in Spain long enough to speak Spanish and the incidences of negativity towards other cultures is extremely low.

Spanish people in general too, are truly world class. I mean that. I am constantly impressed by their professionalism and skill. It seems to me that many tend to care about doing great things not because they feel that’s what must be done, but because they genuinely really want to. Not everybody is this way, but I like it when people are driven by passion rather than need. There's an honesty there I really appreciate and it tends to yield amazing results.

Sure people can be little passionate about closing in the afternoon here too, and about having long lunches, but actually, I could probably learn from that so, I wouldn't say a word against it.

Passion driven work really does compliment artistic endeavors and creativity. So if you’re are a creative person who likes an international atmosphere then Marbella is a great place to go.

One of the places which really blew me away is Aalto furniture. A luxury furniture store almost hidden behind a busy roundabout in Marbella. I got the chance to know José Antonio Flores and the rest of the team at Aalto Furniture and can see they really care about art and design above all else. José is pretty active on Instagram (here) where you can see examples not only of his luxury furniture store in Marbella, but also paintings and drawings he has done and his artistic flair is evident even in the arrangement and cropping of anything that catches his eye. The only person I know personally who can frame like that is my wife (I used to be artistic in that way. One of my biggest regrets is not keeping up with it. Who knows, perhaps I’ll take it up as a hobby when I retire...).

It’s a pretty amazing mix at Aalto, because of the international melting pot there is a very capable management team of Sergio (Jose’s brother), Franciso (co-founder) and Ness Yammine their partner, an experienced International Businessman covering International development.

It was also a real surprise, that I discovered they don’t just manufacture luxury furniture (they have a range with my name on it - just a happy coincidence), their team also includes exceptional Interior Designers and Graphic Designers who  produce, and offer as a service, interior architectural renderings of a level that is hard to find.

Sergio explained that, because they have taken the time to create their own detailed textured 3D assets they can build incredibly accurate interior design renders (rather than using stock 3d assets which don’t have quality textures).

Again it’s the passion showing through. They have spent a lot of time preparing their resources to ensure that their interior design rendering are "next-level".

I have been a 3Dmodelerr and animator hobbyist for over 20 years and 3D renders of interiors or architectural from interior designers very rarely match the quality coming from the interior design arm of Aalto furniture.

I think Aalto furniture’s store (map) is must visit location for people in Marbella who want unique quality luxury furniture but also, and not immediately obvious, for anyone looking for an interior designer in Marbella.

You can see more about the Team comprising of Jose Antonio Flores, Ness Yamine and a passionate group of skilled artists, Interior designers and designers at Aalto furniture here. If you love design, you’re in Marbella you should really check them out.

New Top Gear Series 24 trailer #topgear #cars

by Andrew Brett Watson

Here are two of the new Top Gear Trailers.

I’ve always been an on and off fan of Top Gear. I never like Jeremy Clarkson abut I enjoyed the format of the show and I like Mat Le Blancs involvement. I’m looking forward to a new series, in any case it’s fun to watch these two trailers:

The NEW New Top Gear Series 24 trailer

and then there's this...

A slightly older a, longer more advertisement style trailer for Top Gear series 24.

I hope there are more Electric cars in New Top Gear Series 24.

Germany on the rise song #Achtung #socialjustice

by Andrew Brett Watson

I love this German "Be Deutsch" song about being tolerant and forward thinking. I love it, because this is the only Germany I know. I was amazed when I arrived in Germany many years ago (I lived there for about three years) that people weren’t just tolerant, they were intolerant of intolerance. In a way only Germans could be. They genuinely had learnt from what had happened in the past. That it wasn't just wrong/never to be repeated, it seamed they set the bar high for social justice and freedom, constantly redefining it and pushing to be more open and more accepting. I genuinely think their society has benefited greatly. That's why I like the song. The irony of "Germany on the Rise", the sort of phrase which seams like it comes from the third Reich, but in this context, means the complete opposite. It's about the rise of the new Germany with social justice at it’s core. The other part of the song Be Deutsch that I love is "proud not to be proud". I'm pretty much of the opinion that National Pride and Patriotism are just forms of bigotry.

Life lesson to tell your kids

by Andrew Brett Watson

MIf you are ever losing your focus, just try and steer yourself in a straight line to the goal of finishing the project or task you are on, on that note, no more positng to my website, I'm going to go and work on my video game.

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