Vegetarian restaurant in Toledo, Spain. Madre Tierra

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Here is a macro restaurant review. I say macro because I am not a regular restaurant visitor and I am definitely not a good critic (I like things too much). This is really to help people find a good vegetarian restaurant in Toledo, Spain.
I live in to province of Toledo in Spain. For my 40th birthday my wife took the family to a restaurant called "Madre Tierra" in the centre of the old Toledo city.
As usual we arrived early (people in spain eat later, remember not to arrive at any restaurant before 9:30pm!). We arrived at 8:30, so early that we were able to finish our meal and leave before anyone else even arrived.
The food was great. Thats all I have to say about that. The meals were very thoughtfully designed, some with special meat substitutes and some just nice recipes ´sin carne´. Their range of other products (teas and juices etc) were also of an organic nature or specially selected for their health benefits.
All in all it was a nice even with great food. Our meals cost about 15€ on average for a main and their "menu of the day" costing 20€ - 30€ (you can check on thier website:
If you are looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Toledo, Spain. I recommend Madre Tierra.
Been there or another vegetarian restaurant in Toledo, Spain?… please comment!


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