Change the Newsletter status in bulk of #Prestashop customers through PHPmyAdmin

Published in Prestashop 1.6

Change the Newsletter status in bulk of Prestashop customers through PHPmyAdmin

How to mass update the newsletter status of customers in Prestashop.


It could happen. You import your customers into Prestashop and their subscription status to the newsletter gets lost. You may simply want to set them as subscribed but you don’t want to do it one by one. You want to set all the customers in bulk below or above a certain customer ID as subscribed to your prestashop newsletter in one go.

This is a quick post on how to update the newsletter status of customers in Prestashop using PHPmydamin.

Usually found in the C-Panel of your hosting account is an online app called phpMyAdmin. Once you open this app you can select your Prestashop installation and directly edit the database.

Once you open your prestashop database in phpMyAdmin, here’s how to change the newsletter status of customers with SQL.

NOTE: BEFORE YOU START BACKUP YOUR DATABASE (it takes a few secconds, in phpMyAdmin click the export tab and then click "go").

Step 1) Open PHPMyAdmin
Step 2) Open your prestashop installation
Step 3) Click the tab called "SQL"

RUN SQL IN PHPMYADmin screenshot

Step 4) Paste in the following code and change "WHERE id_customer" to whatever suits the customers you want to change.

UPDATE `tpjnngaftdcustomer`
SET `newsletter`=1
WHERE id_customer > 0;