How to copy and paste multiple tags in #prestashop 1.6

Published in Prestashop 1.6
How to copy and paste tags in Prestashop
It may seam like a simple thing, but people get stuck on copying and pasting tags from one product to another in Prestashop. If you don’t know how, pasting individual items into the tags box in the prestashop backend can be time-consuming and it may be that many of you products have similar features and would support entering in multiple tags at once or pasting multiple tags in by bulk, Right? Right. So here is my ultimate guide to copying and pasting tags in prestashop:
1) The easy way to past between products in Prestashop.
Did you know that you CAN copy tags ALL the tags from one product to another? If you came here you probably tried already and saw they came in like one big tag, a big block instead of separated as they were when you copied them right? So you look for a solution, even though if you had made one more click everthying would have worked out alright. You see although when you copy and past tags in Prestashop they appear as one block, if you then click “save and stay” (we’ll save works too but you probably want t stay to see the result) then prestashop will correctly paste ten in as separate tags. yup. it IS that easy.
Prestashop tags screenshot
If for some reason it doesn’t work, try this:
2) Clean up the tags before you paste them.
You can copy Prestashop tags into a text editor like texedit (or notepad). If you paste them out of Prestashop they may appear with an “x” between every tag. You can use “find and replace” to look for x and replace it with a comma (,) this should format your tags as follows in the text editor:
Tag1, Tag2, Tag4, Tag5-etc
Once you have formatted your text like this, you are almost ready to paste it into the product information screen of Prestashop. Only one IMPORTANT thing. Leave off the last comma. When you copy the bulk tags and paste them into prestashop then press the comma key to add the last comma. The result will be that all the tags will appear a one big tag, don’t worry, once you click save and stay all of the rage will be correctly separated by the commas exactly how you wanted.