What size images should I upload to Prestashop?

Published in Prestashop 1.6

Looking for the optimal images size to use with Prestashop? Or perhaps you just want to know what size in pixels images should be saved as in order to upload perfectly to Prestashop.

What size images should I use to upload to Prestashop

Prestashop can accept images of (almost) any size. It automatically reformats the images you upload and saves them according to it’s default image size. Prestashop also resizes the images to generate smaller thumbnails. So the best image size is the largest size that Prestashop uses (for zoomed up images), then the smaller images will be taken care of later.

If you are using Prestashop 1.6 (or later versions) then you can find out the default Prestashop image sizes in the back office under: Preferences>Images

prestashop preferences images

All the image sizes are configurable, but if you want to know what size to upload your images as in Prestashop you want to look at the lines: thickbox_default, category_default and scene_default.

prestashop image sizes
Basically for products, the thick box represents the largest size the image will ever be shown at on the frontend of Prestashop and because Prestashop automatically generates the smaller thumbnails, this is the size you should upload product images as . In the case of the prestashop 1.6 version at time of writing, you should diploid images at 800px for products.

I upload all of my pic as 24bit .png and set Prestashop to automatically jpg them, this is to ensure they are not jpegged twice.

The category_default in this case show 870 pixels, so that’s the size I work in for category images. I’m not actually sure if that’s correct, but like I say, Prestashop automatically resizes images and creates thumbnail during upload, so you should get great quality this way.

Hope that helps you decide which size you should create your images to upload them for Prestashop.

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