How do I change the order of Payments modules in #Prestashop

Published in Prestashop 1.6
Many people, who use Prestashop 1.6 may run into the problem that they don’t know where to change the order the payment options appear in when checking out (on the payment page). Of course everyone wants the most used/preferred payment option at the top, but how do you move that payment option to the top if it’s not already ordered that way?
I fiddled around getting nowhere with the modules until I finally noticed the answer, staring me right in the face.
The problem is that changing the order of the Prestashop modules is NOT done in the back office under modules>modules the place you go to configure modules. DON’T got there.
To re-order the payment option you want to go to the Prestashop 1.6 back office and click Modules>Positions. You can now change the payment options under “displayPayment” and “displayPaymentReturn” (near the bottom) and check that the re-ordering is reflected in the front page.
modules position area of prestashop backoffice