How do I turn off the “Our Stores” block in the lefthand column of the #Prestashop product/category pages?

Published in Prestashop 1.6
Turning off the “Our Stores” block of Prestashop is easy.
How do I turn off the Our Stores block in Prestashop
Heres how:
  • Login to the Prestashop back office
  • On the left pane, click Modules>modules
  • In the search box, search for “Store locator block”
  • The “Store locator block” is the module which is displayed at the bottom of the left column on the frontage indicating physical store addresses (which for most new online shops is not applicable). To turn it off, simply click on the down arrow next to the word “configure”  and choose “disable”. The “Our Stores” block will no longer appear in the lefthand column of Prestashop product/category pages.

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