[SOLVED] Why don't category name changes in #Prestashop 1.6 appear/update on the frontpage menu?

Published in Prestashop 1.6
Problem: Category name base been changed but the front end menu name doesn’t reflect the changes in #Prestashop 1.6
In Prestashop 1.6  the Menu is dynamically linked to the category name. Change the category name and the menu will change accordingly. But what if it doesn’t? What happens if you change the category name in Prestashop 1.6 and the menu still shows the old name even if you clear the cache?
Well. I have a solution which will likely fix most problems when the category name has been changed but the menu stays the same:
The problem is that you (no doubt) are running a multilingual site and when you change the category name, you were actually only changing what it was called for one language. When you set up a category, if you don't specify a translation for a specific language then Prestashop will display the default name you have provided. If you are looking at the from end set in a different language of course you won’t see the changes and you might not notice.
How to fix:
  1. Log into your Prestashop back office and edit the category in question. 
  2. When you are changing the field for name, take a look and the end of the line which you are entering the new category name into. Do you see a pull down menu with language codes?
  3. All you have to do is our the correct translation for the category name in for easy language, then when you view the fronted you will notice the changes appear correctly on a per language basis.
Language selector for cetegory names Prestashop 1.6.jpg
Always make sure in Prestahop that you view the frowned in the same language you are editing. That is the only way to be sure that the Prestahop frontend will correctly display your changes.