I don't actually think #AlbertEinstein meant this...

by Andrew Brett Watson

Part of my job is making coffee friendly memes for fun to post on social media. We strive to entertain and as a marketer I always recommend that providing the best possible quality and service is the best marketing you can do, so I like to create things which might brighten someones day or that people find amusing. Recently I saw a photo of an older guy drinking coffee and was inspired to create this:

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Originally created in Spanish here.

It's quite obviously a Photoshop with Albert Einstiens eyes, forehead and hair superimposed. Of course E=MC2 refers to Einsteins theory of relativity.

Don't upvote this meme

by Andrew Brett Watson

Just a little meme you can use for kicks and giggles on your favourite meme site.

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How to troll #windows users

by Andrew Brett Watson

I've been trolling windows users for years with this gag. It's relatively harmeless and either it doesn't work because the user already knows Alt-F4 or it will teach them that fast key. I used to ocasionaly post it in chat rooms and watch the user count drop. That was when I was young and immiture. Now I am older... 

(of course my next post will be how to troll Mac users)

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