the difference between an agry person with or without #guns.

by Andrew Brett Watson

Guns. It’s not about protecting yourself from bad guys with guns. The problem is, with easy access to guns, good guys can turn bad at the flip of a switch. I'm a bit of a hot head and I suffer from depression. It would scare me what would I would have done <to myslef> if I had had acess to guns...

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Coffee Fact #3

by Andrew Brett Watson

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I work for a coffee company and part of my job is to make some memes based on coffee facts to post on the Cabu Coffee Facebook page. These are posted in Spanish, so I also put the english ones here. I try to make them friendly and humorous (after all, who wants a boring coffee meme?).

You can see more of my MEMES on Andrew's meme page.

Are #women better at multitasking? Maybe it's more a case of this....

by Andrew Brett Watson

I think this should be a thing. We have lots of distractions these days and I think it's important to be able to concentrate. That said, my wife is always busting my chops when I'm concentrating on something so much I fail to respond to her. It's oft commented that men are not as good at multitasking as women, but I maintain...:

Im not bad at multitasking I'm amazing at monotasking

Morning #coffee #meme #funny

by Andrew Brett Watson

Do you sometimes feel like this? I'm usually not so grumpy in the morning. Usually.

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From this spanish coffee meme (source).