Life lesson to tell your kids

by Andrew Brett Watson

MIf you are ever losing your focus, just try and steer yourself in a straight line to the goal of finishing the project or task you are on, on that note, no more positng to my website, I'm going to go and work on my video game.

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Gun control (don't-be-a-cunt)

by Andrew Brett Watson



Do you not understand that "Gun Control" is not about controlling guns.

Guns don't pull triggers.

We're not going to ask guns to behave themselves, and demand that they make sure only to only fire upon bad people in emergencies.

They can't do that.

Guns are inanimate objects.

The idiots who use the rhetoric "Guns don't kill people, people do".

Are right.

But they are still idiots.

Because gun control is about not letting people have easy access to guns.

It's easy access to guns that give easy access to crime, including murder.

In the end stupid people are killing good people and anyone who doesn't see that they will  live in a safer world and less people will die (and continue to defend guns, just so they can have lethal toys).

Those people are just cunts.

In the coming years we will have incredible VR experiences which will allow us to engage in realistic war simulations and we will be able to shoot fantastic weapons agains imaginable enemies.

So get a new hobby. AAA video games with gratuitous gun violence.

But support gun control.

Support life.