Why combustion engine cars are dead #Tesla #tsla #eco

by Andrew Brett Watson

At some point there may have been an argument against electric cars that was valid, but not any more.

Now things are different. Combustion engine cars are nothing but fossels from a bygone era.

Now there is only one type of motor to put in a car and that's an electric one.

An electric motor not only provides a clear view of humanities endgame for transportation without pollution, it also offers the one thing that will convert die hard car enthusiast once reluctant to embrace the technology; Power. Real, go faster power.

We may not have all the infrastructure in place to provide all the electricity we need greenly in every part of the world, but that's solvable and there are many parts of the world where renewable electricity is generated.

If you don't believe the writing is on the wall for combustion engines, just take a look at this youtube video where some lucky Australians get to race a Tesla Model S P90D against a very capable V8 (If you have never been to Austalia, let me tell you, they love V8's, they even have their own racing events specifically for fully tuned  V8's):

Please note: this looks like an older video, the Tesla Model S P90D is now available with the option for even more power and instead of "insane mode" it now can be configured (if you pay extra) with "Ludicrous mode" which brings the 0-100kmh figure to just 2.8 seconds.

Watch as a Tesla eats up a V8 and then is surprised as another, more powerful challenge arrives…

This cool #robot won’t fall over as long as you know how not to. #robotics

by Andrew Brett Watson

I would love to make robots. Please, someone give me a job making robots. It looks like fun (hard work, but rewarding).

I came across this cool robot which solves the problem of keeping balance by relying on the connect human to make care of that for them. You’ll understanding after you’ve watched the video.

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Why electric car naysayers are wrong. #tsla #Tesla #teslamotors #greencars #electriccar

by Andrew Brett Watson

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Imagine I made a “dogp3player” a kind of mp3 player which only dogs could hear and I started selling it for 500$. How long before the price came down? Never. That’s how long. Because there wouldn’t much demand in the product. Without demand, there is nothing to incentivize other companies to also make the product, ergo there would be no competition. Competition drives prices down as companies compete to make sales by improving the value proposition to the customer. Lower prices often fuel additional demand and companies invest to continually make products better and cheaper in order to make more sales. High demand also allows companies to improve fabrication which can not only lead to cheaper production, it provides the financial resources needed to make a product with less materials, less waste and often less toxic materials.

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My son's latest video about learning German, a departure from his video game vids #youtube #youtube @swordsprite

by Andrew Brett Watson

My Son normally likes to make video games videos for youtube like minecraft videos (


Last weekend he departed from video games and decided to make a video showing basic German words. It's not that easy to understand, but he knows he needs to work on that. He hasn't really found what he wants to do appart from "make youtube videos". That's what he aspires to and I support him 100%.

He appreciates every 'like' he gets and jumps up and down with excitement when people subscribe, he has a good heart and just want's to make youtube videos which help people. Perhaps thats why his latest idea is to teach a bit of German. He is trilingual so if you want to learn a few basic German words please check out his latest video:


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S.E.O. is dead. How to stop worrying about your Google rank and get things done.

by Andrew Brett Watson

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S.E.O is dead. OK, it's not dead, not at all, but for many people there are other things they might be better able to spend their time on that could reap more results.

This is a workshop/presentation for start-ups and small and medium sized businesses. This is to be a workshop for people who are in many different types of business and different skill/experience levels. It is designed to be a group project so that those who have knowledge can help out others.

Sorry for any spelling errors. I am uploading this quick for people who are interested in this as a resource and don't quite have time to to give it the final once over.

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#Google is soon to put #cars without real driver on real roads. #selfdrivingcars

by Andrew Brett Watson

Google is getting ready to put self driving cars on the road.It seams strange because we happily get into cars with human drivers and don't give their ability to drive a second thought but I'm not sure the same will be true when we get into a car that drives itself. I think that might be pretty nerve racking at first. Stupid really, because the multiple sensors and specifically designed software could no doubt be safer than half the crazy people driving on the road.

Ugly car though.


How good is robotic surgery in 2015? This good. Watch a #robot suturing a grape and find out #amazing

by Andrew Brett Watson

Oh and by 2015,.. I actually mean 2014 because this is apparently already a year old, but here is a video of a robot suturing a grape. The machine is apparently capable of folding origami cranes no larger than a five cent piece.

I wonder what looking back on this will be like in twenty years...

Now, let's put it to some good use like as a high resolution back scratcher. Ahhhhh.


Death to #Whatsapp? A new instant message app with end to end encryption might be your future #killerapp - #Bleep.

by Andrew Brett Watson

OK. I'm not sure this will take off enough to bring a death blow to the popular Whatsapp message service, but if the information I've read about Whatsapp security is anything to go by, I hope so.

Bleep is a new messaging service with real security and privacy features built in. I have yet to try this out for myself, but I already use Bit Torrent Sync and I love it. I'll definitely be testing it out this week and hopefully have an idea know pretty soon if it has the capacity to be a Whatsapp killer. If Bleep did take off, that would mean a big faceplam for Facebook who purchased Whatsapp for a nearly $19Billion.

Leonardo DeCaprio nails the urgency needed in action again #globalwarming

by Andrew Brett Watson

Nothing that damages the environment should be cheap. Oil prices and gasoline price should be way higher, artificially inflated in order to create a financial incentive to research/invent/adopt alternatives.

The same for industry. If it damages this fragile world we live in it should be either prohibited or expensive. Watch how fast we clean things up ouselves when consumers have to PAY for the environmental damage caused by the things they buy.

We need action now and Leonardo DeCaprio's speech at the opening of Climate Summit 2014 sums this up perfectly.

Enter Sandman backwards. #creative #metallica cover.

by Andrew Brett Watson

In my early twenties, my friends an I played around video taping (yes, with video tapes!) eating food and then playing it back backwards. Often we would choreograph things so they they looked like they were forwards when when played backwards.

This guy takes it to the next level and earns his internet stardom with a very nice cover of Metallica’s “Enter sandman” recorded forwards, but performed and sung backwards so that when it was played backwards it would sound like it should if performed forwards. Got it?  Right.

What do you like better? #Airplanes or #Helicopters? Why not both?

by Andrew Brett Watson

Check out Nasa's latest hybrid Airplane/Helicopter: Takes off like a helicopter and flies like and plane.

Actually this idea is nothing new because helicopters have the advantage that the can take off vertically and are more maneuverable, planes have the advantage that they are fast and use less energy to propel themselves.

Nasa have done a great job in creating a hybrid of the two, enjoy this video which shows the plane/helicopter transition from one form to the other.