Borders exist only in the minds of men

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I once said "Borders exist only in the minds of men".

I'm still pretty fond of that quote.

For me it has a double meaning:

1) Borders of countries don't exist in the physical sense, they are manifested by people.

This means the artificial value attributed to some people base on the location in which one is borne is (in my mind) ridiculous. The idea that someone on the other side of a border has less value than a person who can live thousands of kilometers away, just because of their position relative to an arbitrary line drawn on a piece of paper a very long time ago, is, quite simply preposterous. Even further to this, someone can be born in a country and live there for their whole life and not be a national because of their parents, this by itself does not bother me but the idea that it changes a person value is just  rubbish.

At the end of the day there are no borders. The sea creates the only noteworthy border between land masses, but underneath it all, were were all born an live on the same planet.

2) Paradigms.

The way you think and the conventions you hold govern the way you act. You ability to think freely is restricted by the borders that exist in your mind. A stereotype is a good example of a border which exist in our minds. We should all aspire to breakdown the borders and free ourselves from convention if we truly want to improve ourselves and our world.