Finding a job in the south of Spain (Costa del Sol)

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Finding a job in the south of Spain.

OK, I'll admit it, this is not going to be highly informative article about all the different ways you can find a job working in the South of Spain and there’s a good reason for that; I’m extremely biased. I’m going to tell you that the best way to get a good job in Marbella, Fuengirola , Malaga or any of the many beautiful cities and towns on the Costa del Sol is by contacting me. It’s that simple.

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I work for a recruitment company in the Costa de Sol called: Job Finder Spain. I think we do such a good job finding positions for people that I wouldn’t have any other suggestions. Really. So if you are looking for a job in the Costa del Sol, feel free to upload your CV here,

Our clients really like our thorough search and interview process which we call “Talent Acquisition Outsourcing” and come to us specifically to find for top candidates in every manner of profession.

We have excellent jobs available in the south of Spain and we are always looking for new people.

Here is a little bit of Q and A, to get you prepared:

Do you need already live on the Costa del Sol?

You don’t have to already live here but most clients definitely prefer it and not many will offer relocation costs. Don’t worry so much though, moving to the south of Spain isn’t ridiculously expensive and if you have marketable skills you’ll hopefully be employed before the money runs out. If you apply for a job on the Costa del Sol, make sure to tell people if you are a permeant resident or not.

Do I need a visa to work in Spain?

You will need to make sure you have a visa, are eligible for a visa or already be an citizen of the European Union (or at least be married to one as is my case). When applying for a Job in Spain you should always point out your residency/work status.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

No you don’t. There are plenty of international companies in Spain were 95% of the staff don’t speak a word of Spanish themselves. That can be a bad thing if you wanted to find a job in Spain to learn Spanish. There is a bit of a catch 2: The level of English (or other languages) among Spanish workers is not particularly high, so to get a Job with a Spanish company they might look for you to already have reasonable Spanish skills (otherwise they won’t be able to communicate with you). But don’t worry there is a wide variety of jobs in Spain regardless of how well you speak Spanish and you are bound to find a job that suits.

What other languages are useful?

All. Of. Them. Seriously, if your professional and multilingual you’ll find a job in the south of Spain very easily. Sure, the quality of job you get will still depend on you skills and experience, but knowing languages like English, French, German, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish and Russian (to name a few) will go a long way. We are ALWAYS looking for people with these language sills. Yes those are the more desirable ones but there are many global telemarketing call centres in the cities on the Costa de Sol and languages like Chinese, Arabic etc are also desirable.

What is the lifestyle like in the South of Spain?

It hardly rains and everybody has a pool. On the Costal del Sol you are a few minutes from hills where you can go hiking, bike riding or climbing (or whatever you feel like doing) and of course, down on the coast are beaches, parks, castles and lots of activities for locals and tourists. Never a dull moment.

Spanish culture is wild and fun and revolves around the sun so there always something to see or take part in.

Jobs in Spain can be funny because you might end up working for an international company working 9 to 5 or perhaps a call centre which is calling companies or people all around the world and operates round the clock and then there are Spanish companies. Most Spanish companies still observe “siesta time” and close at 2pm only to reopen from 5 or 6pm onwards. That might take a bit of getting used to but it’s all part of the fun. Having done it myself I can honestly say finding a job with a Spanish company has as many pros as it has cons and is no better or worse than anywhere else.

So feel free to connect with us on Job Finder Spain Facebook or upload your CVa> to our website online. The sooner we know about you the sooner we can help you find a job!

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