Manulo Sanchez (#BookOfLife) is my new favourite #Matador (#Bullfighter)

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Manulo Sanzhez from book of life says killing the bull is wrong

(Monolo Snachez the bullfighter refuses to kill bulls in "The Book Of Life")

Bull fighting is wrong. It's not a matter of culture because the torture and murder of innocent beings is not acceptable in anyway. Not for humans. Not for animals. Heck even the abuse of personal rights cannot ever be defended as a matter of culture, yet people still continue to oppress and disadvantage others using culture as an excuse.

Culture is never an excuse for abuse.

I live in Spain and although the tides are slowly changing, bullfighting is still a big thing here. Surely the common sense of man should have put an end to this murder long ago. But no, Spanish people cling bullfighting despite a large movement of Spanish people who abhor it. I find it strange that they can't seam to change despite having far less brutal alternatives. One might argue that the running of the bulls or other Bull sports are unacceptable too because the bulls are tormented, sure, but perhaps it even therapeutic for the bulls to work out a bit of aggression and get some exercise. In any case I think, why not take one step at a a time? Take a look at this video tell me if you thing Spanish people couldn't at least start by banning bullfighting and replacing it with this:

This is one of the reasons I was very please when I watched the movie "The Book of Life" which rocketed to number one on my personal chart of animated movies. It has a fantastic story, great comedy, it's beautifully textured, rendered and animated and has great characters. Of the characters in the movie the one I admire the most is Manolo who overcomes family and peer pressure to live life his own way and pursue the love of his life. Oh and he refuses to kill bulls. Good job Manolo!