Collaborative Entertainment. Are we at the dawn of a new type of fun? #Microsoft #Hololense

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Hololens A new kind of entertainment?Image credit: Wired

Recently (today?) Microsoft unveiled its new sudo holographic technology dubbed HoloLens. I say sudo holographic because it projects an image onto transparent screen which hangs off a headband in front of your eyes. It's probably more augmented reality than holographic. But what do I know? What I really want to say is: it looks like fun.

Already people are saying "what's it for?" and I've seen opinion already like; "I don't want/need it". You know what? Thats what I said about the iPad, and now my iPad (still my iPad 2) is my go to computer for everything from content creation to playing games. After four years it's hard to imagine living without it.

So back to the Microsoft Hololens. I was thinking about it today and I think that one of the many many uses it could have is games and applications which allow multiple players of participants to build, share and manipulate objects within an app or a game, in realtime. Perhaps the augmented reality would even allow these objects (or characters) to interact with the participants.

In a short space of time my brain was swirling with fun and entertaining ideas to use it for. But who knows, we may yet find out it's better in concept than practice. So it got me to thinking how I chould describe this to others without it being too wordy. I ended up settling on "collaborative entertainment". Kind of like multiplayer gaming but more describing how groups could use the Hololens and realtime augmented reality together for fun. It seams like a good way of describing a new kind of group play using this kind of device.

Whatever way you choose to describe the application of it, it certainly seams that there is no end if interesting new technology coming soon to our living rooms. Heres a little taste of the Microsoft Hololens: