A new kind of #3Dprinter with groundbreaking new technology? Color me interested.

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I find this video both exciting and disappointing. On one hand we are looking at a 3D printing system that is cheaper, cleaner and higher resolution than existing technologies because it uses a process called Heliolithography. But the video only shows a 3D rendering of the unit in action, not a real life example and it’s very hard to see how it works.

If you are interested in 3D printing (as I am) then this is definitely something to watch, but until I see Heliolithography working in real life I’ll reserve my judgment.

Heliolithography is described by the makers of the 3D printer (Orangemaker) as:

“. Providing a powerful and reliable platform through Orange Maker’s patent-pending photopolymer-based HL printing process, Helios™ One directs UV light with ultra-high precision to solidify liquid resin through a ground-breaking curing process, and combines world-class aesthetic design with professional grade engineering, yielding the most impressive desktop 3D printer yet.”