A new world creating video game tool which reminds me very much of #Minecraft and #Sauerbraten

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I love video games and video game technology.

Behind the scenes of video games, is an ever changing world of 3D tools. These software programs which artists uses to create the 3D worlds of video games are constantly evolving and new tools are always emerging. Today I found out about a fun looking 3D editor which will allow realtime 3D world building a-la Minecraft or Sauerbraten at a higher res.

Voxel farm forest

One of my hands down favourite 3D editors, Sauerbraten (also called Cube 2) is not actually a video game development tool, but more of an free and open source game with an amazing realtime world building editor. Sauerbraten is inspiring in the way that it allows you to manipulate a 3D world by extruding cubes and then texturing them. It's not always the best way to build a 3D world, but it's easy to pick up and always fun.

Sauerbraten screenshot
(screenshot of the Sauerbraten 3D editor)

Of course you can't mention Sauerbraten without a quick mention of Minecraft. Minecraft is also no game development program but that hasn't stopped a community of enthusiasts creating amazing levels and incredible mods which extend the functionality of the blocky 3D game which many equate to a lego-like 3D world editor.

Minecreaft Screenshot

(screenshot of Minecrafts creative mode 3D world)

So what would happen if someone took a mixture of the 3D editing concepts in Minecraft and Sauerbraten and specifically set out to create a commercial 3D editor for creating video games? Voxel Farm, that's what. Voxel farm seams very much like a higher resolution Minecraft style editor designed for creating 3d worlds. I'd love to play wit it myself.

Check these three videos of Voxel Farm yourself and make up your own mind: