Why does it take so long for attitudes towards Cannabis to change?

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Cannabis is a plant that can be used to get high. Sure, there's that, but it can do much more as you will see in the video below. Most adults (I know) have at tried it and therefore are aware that it's no big deal. I am never afraid to admit to the fact that I have smoked Marijuana in the past. I was young, it was fun. I grew out of it. Some of my friends also grew out of it and some still partake. So what? I have seen many more harmful effects from abuse of alcohol than from "weed". I, as a non smoker don't wish to impose my will on these who enjoy it and I see more danger to my children by keeping it underground.

Cannabis plants growing at the village of Kalopani, Nepal.

So why is it, with all these people who have tried it, we haven't (in most countries) at the very least decriminalised it? Are we happy that during the rite of passage many fantastic people had to break laws as part of their journey of self discovery? Is society happy with how much money and energy is spent with the end result of more crime by forcing the drug underground and discouraging people to talk openly about it?

Surely after the kids who tired it grew up they would have more understanding how archaic Cannabis prohibition laws are? Why aren't more people standing up and saying, this drug is no big deal?

It is my firm belief (as a non smoker), that the prohibition of Cannabis is counter productive, so you can imagine how I felt when I learnt that Cannabis is saving lives and yet is still out of reach to some people who need it for medicinal reasons.

Shame on you humanity. Watch/share this TED talk video and come out in support of this amazing plant with (some would say) magical properties.