iPhone 5s video quality vs Cannon EOS 550D

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What happens when you give a Canon 550D and and iPhone 5S to two inexperienced camera operators?

Here is a short video comparison between the Canon 550D video capture and the iPhone 5S video capture. I love the iPhone 5S and wanted to see if I could do away with the Canon 550D altogether and rely entirely on my iPhone 5S for quality video.

In this video I show image captured simultaneously with an iPhone 5S and a Cannon 550D. It should be noted that the 550D is not the latest model. Also, I was the person who filmed the video using the iPhone 5s and I have perhaps more experience with filming than the person with the Canon 550D. The Canon 550D footage was shot by someone with no experience which you can see as they adjust the focal point during the capture.

This short video was made to show the Spanish dark roasting process called Torrefacto (sugar roasted) and you can see in the hands of novices, both cameras have pros and cons.

My conclusion is that for most people the iPhone 5S is actually better in the sense it make things easy for the camera operator and has the obvious convenience factor. It is important to note that the lighting for both is similar but that of the Canon appears finer. Of course in the hands of an experienced operator with a better lens, the Cannon would come out on top.

Here is the final video. I produced it using only the iPhone 5S footage:

Video text:
iPhone 5s vs Canon 550D low light video test.

The following is a short comparison between the Canon 550D video capture and the iPhone 5S video capture. It was not specifically deigned to be used as such, simply two people filmed the same thing and I decided to put them side by side.

Filmed by people with little camera experience, it gives a reasonable idea of what a real world result might be for the average user.

Note that although in low light, both cameras performed well. The iPhone stabilisation is a big win. The Canon was badly focused because it was on manual (focus was adjusted during filming). The canon also has a much narrower depth of field. Also important to know, the iPhone 5S footage was all shot on slow mo (120fps) so shows great light sensitivity at this frame rate.

Conclusion: For inexperience users, the iPhone 5S does a great job. With a better operator/lens the Canon would surely come out on top, but amazingly in this comparison the iPhone 5S shines.