Where to find good coffee bean, capsules and coffee grinder suppliers in Spain

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Cup of espresso coffee Cafés Camali brand
At time of writing I work at a group of Coffee Companies in Spain. If you are looking for a Spanish Supplier of Coffee I honestly recommend these companies as great suppliers of coffee, compatible capsules and grinding machines (Molinos MODO is a manufacturer of their own coffee grinders, not an importer):

Here are the main Products and their web pages:

1) Roasted coffee beans supplier Spain:

Where to find good coffee suppliers in Spain


Cafés Camali the leader in Hospitality and Vending in the province of Toledo Spain would like to present their full range of roasted coffee beans. Of particular interest are the Spanish caramelised “Torrefacto” coffee beans which offer the perfect natural flavour enhancer for creating dark intense blends. “Torrefacto” beans have been roasted using a special method according to Spanish legislation. The result is a darker roasted coffee bean which significantly improves coffee colour and flavour when blended.


2) Credit controlled Coffee Grinding machines:


Where to find good coffee suppliers in Spain


Many Spanish bars, restaurants and coffee roasters/suppliers have survived the financial crisis using the patented grinders form Molinos MODO. These grinders improve coffee payment and handling for both the consumer and the suppliers. Suppliers enjoy a more convenient delivery system where delivery staff refill the coffee and collect payment at the same time, without the need to communicate to hotel/bar/cafe staff. This unique system also allows hospitality establishments an easy way to pay, negating the need to find funds for the monthly bill. The grinder simply accepts coin based payment and dispenses the relative amount of coffee according to the suppliers per kg price. MODO grinders include a number of of modes including “on demand“ and fully automatic and can be specifically programmed for different varieties or coffee and different doses. You can find out more about unique features of MODO grinders at:


3) Cabú Coffee compatible coffee capsules:

Cabu Coffee capsule brand Tu Espresso


Cabú Coffee a leading brand of Gourmet coffee in Spain is looking for distributors of it’s 22 varieties(!) of patented capsules compatible with coffee machines that use the Nespresso® system. Cabú coffee uses only the finest Gourmet Coffee to produce the most distinctive blends. 100% compatible, the Cabu Coffee capsule range includes one of the largest varieties available including;  The finest origin coffees from the most famous coffee regions worldwide, coffee with a touch of natural flavour and Gourmet teas. Cabú coffee, well known as one of the leading Gourmet roasters also has a fantasic range of coffee in capsules.