#Graviy making of videos. A great look behind the scenes of 3D computer generated imaging.

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Take a behind the scenes look at the making of Gravity. 3D editing has come a long way, these making of videos might help you to appreciate the human and computer work involved in creating such a visual masterpiece.


I've been 3D editor for over twenty years. Initially I learned the "trade" because I wanted to make video games. Unluckily I grew up in New Zealand and when I was at the right age, opportunities were slim. Years later after I was a successful manager in other disciplines, I finally got the chance to chase my dream at Electronic Arts. I had great skills but I was too late. I was too senior for the position and after years of shouldering the responsibly of an entire company, I was a bad fit for an entry level post at EA.

But I still love video games and 3D editing.

People remember their lives according to milestones important to them. I remember when various 3D effects were "unlocked" due to technical advancements. Changes to animation which reduced the amount of manual work an animator had to do and physics simulation milestones which made cloth and particle effects possible. And, oh boy, when we got global illumination, that was a great time! Everything got better then (except rendering times lol).

To help you get an appreciation about what goes no behind the scenes, here are two short youtube videos giving you a behind the scenes look at how the movie gravity was made. Enjoy:



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