My Epic Week of Win.

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Week of Epic win
I had an Epic week at work. So I just have to post about it. Heres what I did:
  • I had previously designed a campaign that gives away capsules to introduce people to "las cápsulas gratis".
  • It was very successful, but  I was not happy with some of the compromises that I was forced to make (because of Administrative concerns). 
  • So I reinvented it and re-pitched it, persuading other departments to agree on the necessary changes.
  • I reduced the amount of capsules we gave away from fifty to twelve, but improved the perception of value in two ways:
  1. Not giving way as many capsules (which lowered the perception of value in the product)
  2. Improving the presentation of the products
  • I designed a coffee capsule sample card explaining each variety of coffee and tea which improved the product image.
  • The sample card lowered the unit cost of the alternative by almost fifty cents and also reduced shipping costs (a massive 3€ reduction per unit).
  • This allowed me to change the landing page and instead of charging for shipping (one of the compromises I was forced to make) I included free shipping as part of the offer which drastically improved conversion rates.
  • I also made SEO changes to the website to improve positioning.
  • I implemented a new system to register customers for the offer, sync them with out online shop via a landing page of my design.
  • I wrote SOP’s for administration to follow regarding processing the orders, implemented them on the intranet which I had built and trained the staff in using them.

How successful was the project?

When the system went live I was called into the administrative offices to take urgently action against a “virus” (I was told) which was “hacking our servers” and creating "fake orders". It turned out that this was the only conclusion Administration could come to when they discovered a 3,000 percent increase in orders for our already successful samples campaign. Actually, the orders were real.

I used the increase in quantities to re-negotiate prices for the products used in the campaign. The result was savings of saving several hundred euros a day and the a vast increase in new customer acquisition.

Update: I gets better.
The next week when I came back, I noticed that administration was doing too much work processing orders because they had to manually create address labels by copying and pasting from one system into another. It should have been more automatic. 
Although it wasn't my department, I decided to help:
  • I posted a job on an internet freelancer site to out-source the creation of a plugin into the website which would generate a .csv file to be used to mali merge and create address labels.
  • I supervised the programming of the plugin but because I could see it taking too long, I wrote an sql query to run on the database to help the programmers understand and better comprehend our goals.
  • Then I had the bright idea to impletement a plugin which executed the SQL and realised, that was all I needed. So I fired (nicely) the programmers and finished the job myself.
  • To finish, I created SOP’s for executing the code by running the plugin and creating a mail merge with the resulting CSV file.
  • This meant the 500 orders could be processed in matter of minutes, a saving of about 5 mins per order, or 41.66 hours per 500 orders. Considering the thousands of orders we are now receiving I saved the company the cost of more than one full time employee. Don’t worry, nobody is out of a job, in a company this size it just means that administration can better distribute their resources.
The best part? It was done in one day.