Machines that Suck chickens show us that maybe our meat consumption is getting out of hand.

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chicken sucking machine (harvester)

(holy heck this machine sucks chickens)

I don't have an opinion about what you eat. That's your business as much as is it my business what I eat.

Even though I eat meat only once or twice a year I habour no ill will toward meat eaters. I tend to agree that eating meat is an extension of our hunger gatherer history and that eating other wild animals is what many animals do naturally, so not so bad. Right? Well, maybe the Chicken sucking machine might have changed mind a little…


The modernisation of hunting (and even farming) has changed the dynamic, significantly. Now, due do extreme population and the fact that people don't actually have to do the killing and food preparation themselves means it's gotten a little out of hand. Don't believer me? Check out the chicken sucking video below.

I would go so far as to observe that on such a scale with animals being born into a life of torture and death, maybe we should take a look at our role in this demand and perhaps endeavour to at least reduce our personal consumption.

Maybe if we just think about how much food we could have expected to hunt for ourselves and concede that increased population would (for any other living creature) have reduced our personal share of the available food source naturally. Then we could fell a bit better about a more realistic consumption.

I mean, it wouldn't be a bad thing to not wan't to be a significant part of the demand which causes the mass horrific treatment of animals that this video illustrates. Would it?

It doesn't mean you need to go vegetarian or vegan, just check out the video with the chicken sucking machine and maybe consider cutting back a little. Mark Zuckerberg got a lot of flack for once saying something like "I'm only going to eat the animals I myself kill" but the heart of his message was that he wanted to take direct responsibility for his consumption.

Cutting back your meat eating is doing something and something is always more than nothing.

Food for thought, now enjoy the  Chicken sucking power of the "-Z Catch chicken harvester":