How to embed a youtube channel into your blog or website.

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Imagine instead of manually embedding (pasting) videos into you blog or website, you could just embed a group of thumbnails that would link to the youtube channel and therefore update automatically as the channel owner adds more content.
There's a website which allows you to do just that:   will help you generate html code which you can embed in you blog or website. Make sure that your website doesn't use a code cleaning editor (like Joomla does) which might change the code that you paste into the site. If it does, just turn it off temporarily while you embed the youtube channel.
You can also manually change the code by looking at the numbers in it. You can see pretty clearly which ones represent the width of the iframe (invisible box in which the channel appears) as well as thumbnail size and amount of thumbnails shown. You can customised this code to help embed your youtube channel nicely in your blog or website.