Will a Surface tablet run all my windows software?

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Will a Surface tablet run all my windows software

Microsoft is about to release a tablet called Surface which runs Windows, right? Well, it's not that simple and I'm genuinely afraid many people will buy a surface automatically thinking it will run their windows programs. They may not get what they are looking for.

You see, only the Surface running on an intel processor (called Surface Pro) will actually run a version of windows 8 that is compatible with your current windows software. The other Surface, which runs a version of windows called "Windows 8 RT" will NOT run Windows XP or Windows 7 programs. I think it's important people know this.

Windows 8 RT runs a new set of apps only available from the Microsoft marketplace. The Surface Pro on the other hand is more like a laptop/tablet that will run Windows 7 programs as well as the new apps from the microsoft marketplace.


Surface with Windows 8 RT = New types of apps ONLY

Surface Pro with Windows 8 = Normal windows programs plus new windows apps.

At the moment the amount of apps for Windows RT numbers only in the thousands (the iPad for example has over 750,000 compatible apps). Noticibly absent (at the moment oct-2012) are things like: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Dropbox, Mint, PageOnce, TripIt, NPR, NYTimes, Angry Birds, Draw Something, Words with Friends, Temple Run, Spotify, Springpad, Remember the Milk, Amazon, Instapaper, Pocket (formerly Read it Later), Flipboard, Steam, Instagram, Nook, Zinio and Rdio

PCWorld put it this way: "You will never be able to install Photoshop, traditional PC games, or any other code we typically define as “PC software.”

That is all I wanted to say. I wanted people to understand the difference between the two types of Surface models without any comparison to other tablets. If you have any other questions, make a comment. Sent from my iPad