The right way to pronounce GIF and PNG file extensions

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How do you pronounce the file extensions GIF and PNG? I consider myself an imaging expert. When I was 23 I programed a raster image processore to use type two floyd steinburg error difusion to upscale images and output them on a digital printer. For years I have been pronouncing GIF and PNG the way I just assumed you would pronounce them. It turns out I'm pronouncing them wrong.

GIF is pronounced using the soft "g" as in "giraffe". Meaning it should sound like "jiff".

PNG is pronounce "ping". I always used to say the letters (like "pe en gee").

I don't think it's going to cause to many disruptions in the space time continuim if you mispronounce GIF or PNG, but I guess it's good to know how they were intended to be pronounced, right?