The three possibilities of GOD.

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The way I see it there are only three Possibilities of GOD:

1) There is no God. It is possible that god does not exist. If he doesn't then there all we really need to do is go about our daily business however we see fit.

2) God exists but he/she/it is evil. If God exists, then one possibility must be that he/she/it is evil.  If this were the case, we would undeniable be worse off than we are now. Despite everything that is bad about this world, there is sufficient good to disprove that GOD is evil. In any case, if God was evil he/she/it isn't likely allow you into "heaven" because you followed one of the many man made interpretations of his "message" delivered only to a select few without any form of corroboration.

3) God exists and is either neutral/good. If this were the case, there would be no need for any rules for religion. Said deity would simply approve of good behavior above all else. Regardless of who you are, what color you skin is, where you were born, what sexual orientation you were or what music you liked, you would be rated not on any of those things but by your behavior (your good behavior) towards all others.

What do I believe?

I simply believe that EVEYBODY should be treated equal. Regardless of any of the three possibilities of GOD, this seems to me to be the only way.