How faith turned my life around (hint: It didn't)

by Andrew Brett Watson

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Don't be a born again wanker.

I long time ago, I wasn't struggling with a gambling addiction, I didn't have a coke habit which was morphing into a heroin addiction and I wasn't doing anything shameful. One day while I wasn't being a piece of shit, I didn't go to the top of a tall building intent on jumping off. While I wasn't there I didn't suddenly feel the urge to pray. Consequently I never had an epiphany of faith and never turned my life around. So here we are now, years later and I haven't changed, I am still normal, still good (or at least I hope so).

Too often I hear stories about how horrible people find God and what a good person that has made them and how they we able to turn their life around because of it. Most religions even allow their followers huge transgressions as long as you ask God for forgiveness, then, everything is ok again.

It is not o.k.

You will get a smidgen of my respect for cleaning yourself up (regardless if faith had anything to do with it), but I tend to respect more people who were never wankers to begin with.

God versus Science

by Andrew Brett Watson
Not being able to disprove the existence of something is not proof that it exists. It is only proof that it cannot be confirmed or denied.

It is ok to have faith that something not yet proved to exist. It’s ones prerogative to feel an intuitive connection. Scientist should appreciate this because intuition leads to the creating of hypothesis which are the starting blocks of proven science.

It is also reasonable to accept measured and observed proof to gain a definitive understanding of our universe.

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Ergo, Arguing against undisproved faith is as asinine as arguing against absolute scientific proof.

What does this mean?

1) God may/may not exist.
2) Dinosaurs did exist and we live on a planet floating in Space.

Deal with it.