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CMYK colour swatch free dowload

If you're looking for a CMYK colour swatch to print so that you can control which colours are output on your printer, feel free to download this CMYK colour swatch chart.

I’ve worked in the print industry for years and although our printers these days are very well calibrated and often come with pantone colour profiles, sometime you just want to know, “what CMYK values should I use to get this <specific> colour?”.

The best way to have 100% control of what colour you print is to use a swatch colour chart. Simply print out this chart I built with swatches from for each 10% step in colour and you will be able to match any colour you need.

This is ideal for large digital printers like those made by HP, Epsom, Canon, Xerox, Mimaki and Roland. Printed it about A1 (I recommend A0), place it on your wall and if ever you need to colour match specific pantone colours, then all you need to do is consult the chart and put in the corresponding CMYK values into Illustrator/Coreldraw, or whatever software you are using. You can then relax in the knowledge that the colour will come out on the printer exactly how you want.

Note: I specifically haven’t made each 10% step for the key colour (Black - That’s why the “K” in CMYK, it stands for Key colour) because 100% is just black and the chart would have been too big or the swatches too small.

Enjoy your free CMYK colour swatch chart download. If you want to link/share this, please link or share this page not the file, I’m happy to have created a free file for download, but please don’t strain my hosting).

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