What I want from a flat file CMS: (@getgrav might just be the closest).

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I was just jotting some ideas about flat file CMS's and what would make me start to use one of them. Falt file CMS's are a way of building websites (and managing their content) without having to write all the code. A normal CMS uses a database to organise stor the content, a flat file CMS simply uses stored text files (which makes it easier because the system doesn't need to look it up). This is what I am looking for from a Flat file CMS:


1) A blog style layout option with a sidebar that can be shown on every article page, (which I can configure easily and have the changes reflect site wide). It must be easy to choose which pages the sidebar appears and which it doesn't. If not a sidebar, a full width panel between articles, somewhere navigation could be located.

2) Category pages which show intro text AUTOMATICALLY from the articles added to that category (with read more link).

3) An easy to use form builder.

4) I would like either a wysiwyg editor in the CMS or, I would settle for a wysiwyg editor compatible with the format of the CMS (like one which creates markdown for me, yes, I am aware how insane that sounds, just think about it for a minute). This is because I make site for people who need to add thier own content. The specific abilities of the editor I need are:
a) easily place videos and youtube iframes
b) easily place images and set float/padding settings, alt-text and size options (especially inline CSS for responsive sizes).

5) Easily editable SEO options like on page meta description, open graph metadata and image text/alt-text/Title text etc.

6) Easily integrate a comment system with moderation (or easy implementation of a blog system like disqus)

7) A page builder which allows you to position blocks of different media and UI elements with a drag and drop interface and correctly uses CSS to make images fit their given space.

Yea. I don't want much do I…      I kind of apologise to any developer of a flat file CMS developer, it seams demanding. Actually I really appreciate flat file CMS's and am amazed at the work devs have done to make great looking website building more accesable. I wrote a list of 15 Flat file CMS systems that were of interest to me, but in the end, none of them worked the way I wanted, paid or unpaid... So I just wanted to jot down my needs flat file CMS needs for reference.

Please feel free to add a comment if you know of something that fits my rude demands or if you want your CMS added to my list then comment here.