What colour should my logo be?

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Designing a logo is a great responsibility. It will be the symbol which will be associated with the business for quite a while to come. When you are designing a logo quite often one of the biggest questions is which colour should it be?

Really the number one answer to that is what every looks good to you and seams to portray you in the right light. Whatever appeals to you as the right colour for your logo is probably also the best for the general public. There is no magic colour which gets "more sales".


There are however colours which affect mood and its no mistake that food companies tend to use reds and oranges and online companies like Facebook and twitter use blue hues.

Here is a guide about how colours can affect mood. The best way to choose a logo colour is to read this and also look at other logos for inspiration.

The colour for logos which represents Powerful & sleek and luxury product marketing is BLACK.

The colour for logos which is associated Romantic & feminine products and marketing to women and girls is (no big surprise here) PÎNK.

The colour for logos that promotes Wealth & relaxation is Green (it's also an easy colour for the eyes to process).

The colour for logos that promotes actions like "buy" or "sell" and also works for logos in the food industry is ORANGE.

The colour for logos which represents soothing and calm (often used for beauty products) is PURPLE

The colour for logos which want an optimistic & youthful feel is yellow. This is also a High contrast colour and good on dark backgrounds. Because shop windows tend to have a dark background, this colour is one of the only high contrast colours which stands out well as cut lettering on a window (aside from white).

To build trust & security, the colour for logos associated with banks and businesses where trust is important (like Facebook who needs us to trust it with our private data) is blue.

To get people forest up and complete and urgent offer or make an emotional or impulse decision red is a great colour. It denotes energy; increases the heart rate great for racing, extreme sports etc.