My latest web design for @cabucoffee

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Ok. So here is my latest web design (here):

3d view Cabu Coffee website

This site took quite a while because of constant internal (client) changes. It showcases all my own work (apart form the CMS and template on which it was built). The 3D capsules and art (most photos are stock, but some are mine) as well as the SEO were all done by yours truly. I'm quietly happy with the result.

I work for a company which makes gourmet coffee capsules(pods) in Spain. Although I work there, I wouldn’t say this if it wasn’t true; I have yet to come across better coffee or better capsules/pod than those made by Cabu Coffee. I’ll be honest and say the capsules don’t look that good. The process of heat pressing the aluminium foil onto the capsule is not that advanced, so it looks bit wrinkled. As a marketer I know this will lower the perception of the product, but it properly seals the freshly ground coffee and the result is excellent, hopefully the customer appreciates great coffee. The capsules themesleves are reasonably good looking. They don’t look as good as  aluminium ones but Cabu Coffee capsules are biodegradable which is much better. In any they are usefully colour coded and it made for a pretty website:


Web site Cabu Coffee

Regarding the coffee, recently I tried the capsule from the local Spanish supermarket and they were terrible, not even in the same league. I can’t describe the difference but the supermarket coffee capsules were so bad the coffee was undrinkable (honestly! I can’t believe they actually manage to sell them!). Maybe I’m spoilt because I have Cabú Coffee on every break.

The company I work for is really pedantic about the quality so If you are looking for coffee pods or capsules in Spain. I highly recommend Cabú Coffee. They have 22 varieties of coffee and teas and ALL of theme are really good. I meant it.

Often you can find special deals for their coffee pods if you are their Facebook friend so here is thier facebook page if your intrested:

Facebook Cabú Coffee

Here is Cabu on twitter. I realy should be tweeting more for them, but I'm so busy...

I’m not sure how much longer I will work there as I am currently looking for a new opportunity in Madrid, but I know I will still stand by their coffee. Great coffee, really.

Oh by the way if you are interested, "Cabú" is short for "cabueno" (good coffee in Spanish).